Wow happy

description of the photo of wes from Bike Exit

I am so happy to find this time for my second ever post when i recieved the google message about new post on the bike website. Please go to leave comments because Wes writes a great story and some people just dont understand beauty and clean suits and call him jealous names. Visit story with many life answers to questions here

I love how he says things in his shining leather suit in the evening sun, like where he said he went to Labrador. You probably don’t know where that is, and that’s the point. Wes, if you want to met your match, I just bought a racclette machine, you’ve probably don’t know what that is, and that’s the point. come and get it! Swoon!

Anyway enough about me, Wes has all kinds of juicy information and answers to personal motorcycle questions on the Bike Exit site. Check it out, worth the trouble to learn way more different info than on his blog, more about him. Shows his true sexiness and knowledge about motorcycles. Or motorcyclette which is wes’es motorcycle mixed with my raclette. No crusiers! I utterly hate cruising too! We are a match heaven. Post number two excited. Happy wes is home, he says Vanessa girlfriend is beautiful. Happy he is with a lady but sad day for me.

Sad Time

I find no more photos of wes siler on the imternet

This is my first post

Wes Siler knows a lot about cars. He grew up in the Hamptoms off the coast of New York Manhattan, where he could get a lot of experience because there is so much money there (trust me we know) and lots of toys.

You know how the saying goes!!!! He who dies with the most toys wins!!!!

Thats what Wes told me. Not really. That’s what I bet he feels though, his blog is full of them which he write about after testing. the wild wild wes.

I love that joke. Because he is very cool.

This is my first post. I can’t make photos upload but they will coming soon so please come back, I promise!

description of the photo of wes with foot out lie model

Kick out!

description of the photo of wes new motorcycle pusihng

just like a modelle

Wes Siler Fox

wes is a fox
Wes is fox and ie.

definitely read the whole story on his old blog here

description of the photo of wes with motorcycle in houseUp close and private with siler man oh man in his family room doing bike motorcycle burn outs. definitely read the whole story on his old blog: here

description of the photo of wes with motorcycle in house

More burnout wes nice sofa for me?

lucky day

description of the photo of wes close upclose up. it’s your lucky day to be with wes in his hallway and a personal bike.

do you have a girlfriend? boyfriend?

Dea Wes. I love you. And it’s not because of money or your cool. Not your hair locks or denim, so fresh clean new. No spider webs on your floor because men of the twenty first century are looking after themself and they like strong lady. I not afraid of the bid bad bike and run before you in wind. This I know how to find you. Please come in and hope you are happy with the homage of you. I love you.